Roommate…sad, sad news


This post is going to be short, because I’m currently in mourning for the show that could have been and don’t have much energy to type.

Park Bom left roommate, and I was sad, but I was ok. Lee Sora announced she was leaving, and while I was a bit surprised, I reasoned that she seemed to have a difficult time in a house full of so many people. She’s a light sleeper and very particular about a lot of things.

But now Ga Yeon is leaving to focus on her fighting career, and that pretty much kills me. I think everyone knows I’m a Ga Yeon fan girl, right? I wanted her to marry Chan Yeol and have lots of musically talented babies with the strength and fighting prowess of a character from a mid-90s arcade game.  No, women don’t always have to get married, but the delusional fan-girl heart wants what the delusional fan-girl heart wants. I can’t contain it. (I also vaguely ship her with Dong Wook. Because I ship everyone with Dong Wook.)


Don’t go!!!!!!

I was having issues with roommate anyway. Often, when a reality show is not received as well as expected, or unexpected things happen to the cast, the creative team reacts one of two ways: One, they stick with the original plan and hope watchers eventually get on board. Two, they try to change the concept/format/focus as quickly as possible to catch the viewers’ interest. I much prefer the former approach. Roommate unfortunately has been trying to accommodate viewers, and also has committed some very strange acts of editing lately that keep me from being immersed in the show.

I don’t understand the way this show was cast, really. Every time Chan Yeol or Dong Wook is on camera it’s delightful, especially when they’re together. Anyone remember this?

tumblr_n5rkffCSth1qzh5sno2_250 tumblr_n5rjubeE1p1rblf33o1_250

But the two are the most likely to be away from the house any given episode. Not that I don’t think the rest of the cast is valuable. Se Ho is very good at MCing dinner and other household events, Mama Shin is just awesome, NaNa is a really interesting, complex person, Soo-Hyun is very caring, Min Woo is interesting if a bit pouty at times, and Kang Joon is a stange, insightful space cadet when the show is not focusing on his looks. But Ga Yeon, Dong Wook, and Chanyeol bring the others together and provide a lot of the interest.

Now that Ga Yeon is leaving and it looks like others might follow, I have read that the show might restructure completely. I think a better idea would be to recast and go back to the original plan of watching celebs react to living in a house together. If it were me, I’d make them work like the old seasons of the real world so the’d still have to interact but they wouldn’t have to manufacture drama.

I am really disappointed in Roommate, and reminded why I don’t like to watch currently airing shows, even reality/variety. Well, I hope Ga Yeon actually gets a goodbye episode, unlike the others! 


Kim Hyun Joong allegations

I’m not going to comment on the allegations, but I really liked a piece I read in a fantastic blog  that many readers are probably already following (but if you’re not, give it a try.)

Anytime a celebrity has allegations levied at them, of course the case is going to be tried in the court of public opinion. I think that is exhausting to be involved in, so instead I’m going re-watch Fated to Love You episodes (Jang Hyuk-as Gunn- rapping, omg I didn’t even know I wanted to see that until I did) and eat good food and generally go about my own life.

It is really hard not to be disappointed when something that comes along that challenges our views of our favorite celebrities.We like their work and get attached to the characters they create. But actors are real people, and real people have messy lives.

Memebox Unboxing: Brightening Skincare Special Box #24

NerdNoona Here!

A lovely box of goodies arrived on my doorstep this afternoon from Korea! Memebox is a Korean skincare and beauty retailer. Let me take a second to explain what Memebox is all about.

Memebox is a non-subscription beauty box service and online shop based in Korea that sends out boxes full of great and interesting Korean Beauty, Skincare, and Lifestyle products. Every month the creators of Memebox create several different new boxes to delight their customers. Memebox offers several different types of boxes which each have their own price point.

  • Memebox Global Box: The “classic” version of Memebox, priced at $23 + shipping. A mixture of mystery deluxe samples and/or full-sized products.
  • Memebox Special Box Mystery deluxe samples and/or full-sized products curated around a theme. Prices vary but many of them are also $23 + shipping.
  • SuperBox: Exclusively made up of full-sized items curated around a specific theme or brand. Prices vary.
  • LuckyBox: Mystery selections from past Memeboxes, priced at $23 +shipping.

The Box I will be reviewing today is the Brightening Skincare Box.

Box Description:

Makeup is not the whole truth.

There’s no denying that the gorgeous, even-toned and glowing complexion that we see on K-celebs comes from a great skin care routine. Before you can even consider choosing the perfect foundation or tackling those pesky hyperpigmented dark spots, you need to address how to even out and brighten up your complexion not matter what your skin color. So, learn the insider secrets to the latest Korean brightening skincare craze with skincare products that give you a smoother and brighter skin, minus the dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring! De-makeup and reveal radiant and even complexion without a hint of blemish!


Now Lets Get Into This Review!


1. Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence [Full Sized $36]

This Essence is described as whitening, anti-wrinkle, brightening, and moisturizing. The Product I received is full-sized! It is a pretty hefty bottle; I could see this lasting me for a long while. The smell is a little strange but nothing I cannot get past. The formula is very light which is characteristic of a essence and it left my skin feeling quite moisturizing. I can really see this becoming a favorite in my skincare routine

2. Finco Solution Spot [Full Size $42]

This is a spot treatment for acne. It targets redness, unenven skin tone and emergency breakouts. This is a clear jelly type product. This is another full sized product! This has little to no scent. I have a couple hormonal breakouts which I used to test out the product. I could not tell an immediate difference but I feel that this product needs a little time to work.

3. Cleosis All in One Water Shining Finisher [Full Size $39]

Another full size Product, way to go Memebox! This “Finisher” is a skin toner, an essence, a moisturizing cream, and a primer all in one! Wow what a useful little product, It promises to hydrate, firm up, brighten, treat fine wrinkles, and smooth uneven skin texture, and giving the skin some glow before makeup. The scent is almost non existent and it is silky smooth on the skin. I can see this really becoming so handy when College starts back again.

4. Dermahouse Perfect Whitening Moisture Mask [Full Size $29]

I adore masks so I was ecstatic  when I opened my box and found this baby in there! This mask helps treat red, course, and uneven skin to give the skin a clearer and brighter complexion in the morning. This is recommended to be used as a overnight pack. The smell is pleasant and quite relaxing. This is the biggest of the full sized products . My skin is having a bit of a freak out so I’m hoping this calms down some of the redness.

5. Ispren Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch [Full Size $3]

I have chronic dark circles due to late nights and bad studying decisions. This products is very welcomed in my beauty routine. The products is a patch that is intended for the under eye circle. It brightens up those panda eyes so you don’t look like you got 2 hours of sleep. This is a full sized product containing two patches, one for each eye. I am so excited to use this product but I am saving it for the day before starts!


Total Box Value: USD $149

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this box. I paid only $23 and got almost $150 worth. All these products fit my needs. I feel that these products will really shine during this semester of college. This was my first box I ever purchased through Memebox and I am hooked! Tell me what you think of the box and if you want more reviews!


Until Next Time!

NerdNoona ❤

Trot Lovers Series Review

Some General spoilers ahead.

Trot lovers finished recently, and as it is a series I had recommended to Nerdnoona among others, I wanted to talk a little about what worked and what didn’t.

What’s frustrating about the series is that basically, the whole thing worked until a certain point. It was a simple show, competent, not reinventing the wheel, but going through predictable moments in sweet, sometimes hilarious ways. There was a rude, spoiled lead male, an amusing second lead male, a down-on-her-luck hardworking lead female, lots of people conspiring to keep her from succeeding, and an adorable child. The bickering relationship between the leads didn’t do it for some, but I thought it was cute. Although none of the parts of the story really departed from the tried and true drama cliches, the music and the individual characters were interesting enough to keep you watching. I especially enjoyed the moments President Jo seemed to be breaking the 4th wall.

But then the show took a nose dive. There were a few moments when I felt the show had jumped the shark: Jang Joon-hyun’s amnesia was the big one, but I think the characterization of Park Soo-in was really the first sign there was trouble. Soo-in first appeared as a sympathetic bad-guy. We understood why she was the way she was; in short, she seemed redeemable. But then, Soo-in started making choices that put her further and further away from that girl who was simply suffering because of a controlling mother and had never been taught how to deal with her issues. She started being pretty dang evil, of course mostly over a man, and she assumed that Jo Geun-woo wasn’t with her simply because of Choi Chun-hee. Soo-in crossed the place of no return, in my opinion, but there were hints that the writer’s still considered her redeemable.

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Trot Lovers 13-14 thoughts

Warning: This post will be FULL of spoilers!!!!!! Bursting with spoilers!!!! Spoilers in every paragraph!!!! 

Trot Lovers

Let’s be honest. This isn’t the most subtle show. I wanted to make a sports metaphor here, like “if this was football Trot Lovers would be a…” and that’s where I stumbled, because I don’t actually watch sports. I’m guessing I’m thinking linebacker, but comparing a linebacker to a show that seems determined to rush head on into every cliche, make every foe and some of the friends pure caricatures, and cram songs in whether they’re needed or not, might sound like an insult to linebackers.

However, I like Trot Lovers. It gives me two hours a week to just be amused and entertained. It isn’t really an important show, except for some of the amazing renditions of songs it contains, but it is an entertaining one. Even if some of the entertainment comes from wondering what the heck the writers were smoking.

(I know I warned against spoilers in the beginning, but I’m warning you here again. Turn back! Point of no return!!! Don’t care? OK, keep reading.)

I know the couple is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them. I bicker quite a bit with my fiance, and people commonly ask if we’re siblings. (Can I just digress here and say no, we’re not? We’re just both chubby biracial people will curly hair who argue jokingly a lot. NO shared DNA. I promise.) Anyway…even though the couple chemistry may not be there for a lot of people, one of the great parts of the show is the family-bond between Byul and Joon-hyun. I’m glad that’s continuing to be showcased.

So…we’re past the amnesia. The handling of the amnesia wasn’t horrible, but the way our lead Joon-hyun  developed it and the timing was the epitome of ham-handedness. It felt practically like the moment they start dating. (Speaking of moments, Trot lovers also doesn’t really handle time well. Sometimes it’s practically impossible to understand how much time is supposed to have passed in an episode.) I also felt that Joon-hyun hadn’t stopped being a jerk long enough to keep viewer’s affections when he returned to being a jerk through amnesia.

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My TV Watching habits and language obsession

Hello folks. I have been doing freelance art/design gigs, so my time to obsess about TV has gotten a bit smaller. My love affair/obsession with television in general and Korean TV in particular seems to be the real thing, though, so I doubt it will ever end. The fiance last night said jokingly that I was working my way through every Korean drama ever made, and I just nodded and said “maybe not the melodramas.” He just sighed.

Let me briefly talk about how I got interested in K dramas. For some reason I feel like talking about it.

I have always been obsessed with storytelling. I started watching Korean language shows because I ran out of English-language romantic comedies to watch on Netflix. I gave in and watched “My tutor friend 2” and then because Park Ki-Woong was awesome I looked up his filmography and watched “The Musical.”. The show didn’t really showcase Park Ki-Woong and was a bit mediocre, pacing and ending wise, but I liked it. I might have mentioned this before, but the biggest attraction to me was that the shows had a story arch and ended when the story was over. I HATE shows that just keep going and destroy the progress made in previous episodes simply because they need conflict in order to be interesting. (Looking at you, Glee. Also, for older people like me, if I mention that Lois and Clark scarred me you might understand.) I decided to watch Boys Over Flowers, and then I think I watched Protect the Boss, and then I just kept going. I didn’t watch currently airing shows until I started having trouble finding completed series.

At first, I wouldn’t watch anything in another language besides Korean, because I had picked up a few Korean words and didn’t want to confuse my brain with multiple foreign languages. The biggest problem when I started watching Kdramas was that the language literally sounded like one big syllable to me. I would try to single out words- not specific words, just understand what sounds completed one word- and fail miserably. I would listen for the names I saw on the screen and be completely flabbergasted when I couldn’t hear them. (I now know that this is probably because subbers chose to put names instead of honorific titles, but it confused the heck out of me then.) I think I wanted to understand the words because I knowing how someone says a word can help you understand what they mean, beyond just words. (I hadn’t encountered tonal languages yet.) Also, I think it’s just disconcerting to not be able to understand anything. Anyway, I felt very at sea. When I started singling out some words, I was further confused by why sometimes they had different ending syllables and occasionally (I thought) different opening consonants. I had no idea about levels of politeness and I was pretty sure I was just hearing things wrong. When I started to understand a few words, I felt very proud and like I couldn’t possibly endanger that knowledge.

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Lie to Me review

I just finished Lie to Me. I’m talking about the one starring  Yoon Eun Hye  and Kwan Ji Han, not the one starring Tim Roth (although I highly recommend that if you’ve never seen it.)

Anyway, I think this is the way Lie to Me came about (warning, mild, non-specific spoilers ahead):

Writer A: I thought of some really fantastic kiss scenes.

Writer B: Oh yeah? A lot of them?

Writer A: Tons. Amazing ones.

Writer B: So I guess we better think of a plot for the show to put these kisses in.

Writer A: …Huh? Oh, yeah, whatever. We can just throw something together. I’m going to get back to work on these kiss scenes.

Writer B: Okay. I’ll try to find some amazing actors. I guess it might be better to figure out what they’re doing before hand so we don’t end up wasting talent…

Writer A: Or we could just wing it.

Writer B: That’s a good idea, too…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching the show, but it’s not well-crafted. There are conflicts inherent to the plot that make sense with the characters and their choices, that are resolved surprisingly quickly only to be replaced by conflicts that were obviously quickly manufactured and don’t make sense. Sang-Hee, second lead and the main lead’s younger brother, seems present only to provide someone for the writers to heap unfortunate circumstances on, and when they aren’t interested in doing that, his character just doesn’t show up. In the second half of the series he barely has any time with Ah Jung, Yoon Eun Hye’s character. Isn’t the point of the second lead to provide some tension between the leads?

The last third of the story was just a bit unfortunate. The main conflict was resolved, which is something that doesn’t serve a story when you’ve got 4 or so episodes left. The questioning about Ah Jung perhaps misusing the power inherent to her government position due to her relationship with Ki Joon was boring, but made sense. It made so much sense that I was a little confused about why neither character had thought about how their dating clandestinely would look. Regardless, it made sense for the plot, but it was handled haphazardly and then poof, it was gone.

Then, because getting rid of every conflict isn’t great when you have 2 or so episodes left, another random major plot point was created and this one didn’t make any frigging sense what so ever.

In the end, if you like the main actors (and how could you not) give it a shot. Don’t watch it for Sung Joon  as Sang Hee, because it will leave you either wanting to sweep in there and kidnap him to get him away from all this nonsense, or wanting to put the poor boy out of his misery. And if you like kisses and don’t mind them being built on a slightly wobbly foundation, this is the drama for you.