The Dramas of the Summer

NerdNoona Here!

So it is summer time and you know what that means, endless free time to do nothing but watch Korean dramas. This summer I’ve been bogged down with two internships at the same time which means I don’t always have a ton of time to watch the summer dramas. The summer is one of my favorite times for dramas. It really seems like the good dramas tend to come out around the hot season. This summer is no different. I have currently been obsessed with three shows that have really captured my attention and made me stay up way past my bedtime.

This summer drama season has finally got some amazing Romantic Comedies  that I am crazy for. It seems like the last few cycles of dramas have been really heavy with barely any fun thrown in so I am happy that Rom Coms are coming back into fashion so to speak.

The First on my list is a cute little drama which throws in a little supernatural flair to break up the usual rom com formula. I am of course talking about Oh My Ghostess


This Rom Com follows a virgin ghost who can’t help but try to pop her ghost cherry. Her snarky attitude really brings a new life into a drama which had the potential to fail. Kim Seul Gi really plays the grudge holding Soon Ae well even though her parts are far and few between. Her flash backs are really one of my favorite parts of the drama. Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo have a great chemistry that is hard to find in a lot of Rom Coms. I am really looking forward to seeing what else this drama has in store for me.

Next up is another Rom Com that has captured my attention. This rom com follows a girl who can’t lie and a boy who can’t dress, Pinocchio.


I just started this drama today and I can say I already love it to bits. I was immediately drawn to the drama because of the actress Park Shin Hye. She has got to be one of my favorites of the Korean drama industry. She has played in two of my favorite dramas, Heartstrings and Flowerboy Next Door. I adore her acting as you can really feel her emotions while she is acting. I’ve only watched one episode of this drama, but I can already feel the chemistry of the actors. I am extremely excited to see what this drama will bring.

Last but not least we have a Melodrama. This drama deals with debt, mental illness, and loss. The drama Mask really gives you turn after turn.


This is not my usual cup of tea, but I was intrigued none the less. This drama follows a woman, Ji Sook and later Eun Ha, who fakes her death to take the life of her doppelganger who is engaged to the traumatized CEO, Min Woo. This is a very deep drama that really leaves you on the edge of your seat. I really felt connected to Ji Sook/Eun Ha who are both caught in cages of their own. I’m on the fourth episode and I really feel that I am going to end up sobbing by the end of this drama.

And that brings the end of my new three summer drama obsessions. I am really pleased with what the summer dramas have to offer this year. When I finish these dramas, I will post a full review of each drama. If you are watching or have finished any of these dramas, let me know what you think!

Until Next Time!

NerdNoona ❤


PS: How is Lee Jong Suk so good looking! Ugh, I need to go to Korea.


One thought on “The Dramas of the Summer

  1. Good choices! I am watching Mask (which ends tomorrow), Oh my Ghostess, and I Remember You. I Remember You is probably my favorite at the moment because I’m a sucker for crime dramas with a bit of romance.


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