The Last Dramas of 2015: A Recap

Hello my loves,

It is now 2016 and the time for new dramas is upon us. During the last month of 2015, I went on a drama watching spree. I was out of school and the archeological dig was on a break for the holidays. I was craving my favorite type of drama, the romance variety. I was completely struck with the dramas I watched.

First up: Noble, My Love


This drama is one of my favorite of the year and of my drama watching career. This drama is packed full of moments that made me go aww. It is based off a webtoon and it is short sweet and to the love. Lee Kang Hoon is a man with money and power in the world. He hates animals and women who don’t follow his orders. Cha Yoon Seo is the exact opposite. She is a vet with a heart of gold. They get together under strange circumstance and the sparks fly. You can finish this drama really fast. I finished my second round of watching in a day. Some say that this drama is clique but I have to differ. This drama is full of great moments.

Second up: Oh my Venus


I really did not think I would love this drama as much as I did. For the simple reason of the subject. This about a woman who weighs approximately 150lbs that is on a journey to lose weight. Her name is Kang Joo Eun who is trying to lose weight after the break up of a 15-year-old relationship. She enlists the help of Kim Young Ho known as John Kim the world famous trainer. The trainer not only captures her heart but her body as well. I really started to love this drama after the first two episodes. My heart was captured under the spell of Kim Young Ho. This had some intense sexual tension as well which is strange for a Korean drama. I adored this drama until the end.

And Last but not Least: She was Pretty


I actually learned of this drama from my boyfriend who saw this on reddit. It is such a beautiful drama. Kim Hye Jin used to be a pretty girl when she was younger and the love of her childhood Ji Sung Joon used to be a fat scared little boy. Now that these two have grown up and the pretty became ugly and the ugly became pretty. The reason I love this drama so much is actually the relationship between Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin. The chemistry between the two is amazing and I was honestly pulling for him in the end. I was gutted that his heart was broken. Not the mention he is the first Korean with a beard I’ve seen.


Those are the dramas that I’ve been obsessed with in the last month of 2015. I’m hoping for some more amazing romance dramas in 2016.

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The Dramas of the Summer

NerdNoona Here!

So it is summer time and you know what that means, endless free time to do nothing but watch Korean dramas. This summer I’ve been bogged down with two internships at the same time which means I don’t always have a ton of time to watch the summer dramas. The summer is one of my favorite times for dramas. It really seems like the good dramas tend to come out around the hot season. This summer is no different. I have currently been obsessed with three shows that have really captured my attention and made me stay up way past my bedtime.

This summer drama season has finally got some amazing Romantic Comedies  that I am crazy for. It seems like the last few cycles of dramas have been really heavy with barely any fun thrown in so I am happy that Rom Coms are coming back into fashion so to speak.

The First on my list is a cute little drama which throws in a little supernatural flair to break up the usual rom com formula. I am of course talking about Oh My Ghostess


This Rom Com follows a virgin ghost who can’t help but try to pop her ghost cherry. Her snarky attitude really brings a new life into a drama which had the potential to fail. Kim Seul Gi really plays the grudge holding Soon Ae well even though her parts are far and few between. Her flash backs are really one of my favorite parts of the drama. Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo have a great chemistry that is hard to find in a lot of Rom Coms. I am really looking forward to seeing what else this drama has in store for me.

Next up is another Rom Com that has captured my attention. This rom com follows a girl who can’t lie and a boy who can’t dress, Pinocchio.


I just started this drama today and I can say I already love it to bits. I was immediately drawn to the drama because of the actress Park Shin Hye. She has got to be one of my favorites of the Korean drama industry. She has played in two of my favorite dramas, Heartstrings and Flowerboy Next Door. I adore her acting as you can really feel her emotions while she is acting. I’ve only watched one episode of this drama, but I can already feel the chemistry of the actors. I am extremely excited to see what this drama will bring.

Last but not least we have a Melodrama. This drama deals with debt, mental illness, and loss. The drama Mask really gives you turn after turn.


This is not my usual cup of tea, but I was intrigued none the less. This drama follows a woman, Ji Sook and later Eun Ha, who fakes her death to take the life of her doppelganger who is engaged to the traumatized CEO, Min Woo. This is a very deep drama that really leaves you on the edge of your seat. I really felt connected to Ji Sook/Eun Ha who are both caught in cages of their own. I’m on the fourth episode and I really feel that I am going to end up sobbing by the end of this drama.

And that brings the end of my new three summer drama obsessions. I am really pleased with what the summer dramas have to offer this year. When I finish these dramas, I will post a full review of each drama. If you are watching or have finished any of these dramas, let me know what you think!

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NerdNoona ❤


PS: How is Lee Jong Suk so good looking! Ugh, I need to go to Korea.

Its Been Awhile

NerdNoona Here,

It has been a while since I’ve posted. School has had me turned upside down but good news I’ll have some new stuff up soon! I have two meme boxes to review and some exciting new boxes that may be something not makeup!

As far as Korean Dramas, I may have been binge watching several shows while I’ve been procrastinating various projects. I have fallen in love with a relatively new drama called Sensory Couple. Its a cute drama but with a great story underneath. I adore the lead couple’s chemistry. Plus Park Yoo Chun is a hottie. (Even if it ends up sucking I may end up watching it just for him)

sensory couple

Another drama that I’m trying out is Blood. I’ve only watched the first episode, but I’m really starting to like it. Ahn Jae-Hyeon is looking finnnneee,.


As far as Lee Min Ho and Suzy, I’m ignoring it…… for now…..

Look out for all this new stuff I’m planning! Have faith my readers.

See You Next Time

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Park Ki-Woong (unfinished)

I made an attempt to draw Park Ki-Woong circa Full House take 2 a few months ago. Truthfully, I am a big Park Ki-Woong fan (I started watching Korean Dramas because I saw him in My Tutor Friend 2) but I couldn’t watch Full House Take 2 because of all the horrible hair.  Still, I thought the glasses were cute, so I gave it a shot.


Looking at past posts

My feelings have really changed about a lot of shows, and sometimes I go and look at posts I wrote and am shocked by what I read there. Like about “We Got Married” apparently I wrote that I thought Jo Kwon and Ga In really had romantic feelings for each other. Me barely three months later is looking at the screen with my eyebrows raised going- “Really? You really think so? Ya sure?”


Having a blog is pretty hilarious, because sometimes I look at past posts and just want to hug my former self. Like when I got all enthusiastic about Trot Lovers, not knowing that right before the end the unrealistic-but-entertaining writing would turn unrealistic-and-insane. Of course, I would have continued to watch it had I known or not, but at least I would have been prepared. At one point I swore off watching currently airing dramas, but that was the most boring 48 hours I’ve ever spent in my life.

Variety and reality wise, I have a new philosophy: I don’t try to pretend I think it’s real, or that it should be real, or that it in any way shows reality. I look at it like I look at the 50s. I was watching Project Runway the other day and thought “There’s no way they actually voted that dress through. The producers must have-” And then I realized I was breaking my rule, so I just relaxed and shrugged it off. And I feel much better for it.

Is there any show you once loved but now hate? Or vice-versa? Y’all, I would love comments about anything, truthfully. I always wonder what people actually think of this blog.

Roommate…sad, sad news


This post is going to be short, because I’m currently in mourning for the show that could have been and don’t have much energy to type.

Park Bom left roommate, and I was sad, but I was ok. Lee Sora announced she was leaving, and while I was a bit surprised, I reasoned that she seemed to have a difficult time in a house full of so many people. She’s a light sleeper and very particular about a lot of things.

But now Ga Yeon is leaving to focus on her fighting career, and that pretty much kills me. I think everyone knows I’m a Ga Yeon fan girl, right? I wanted her to marry Chan Yeol and have lots of musically talented babies with the strength and fighting prowess of a character from a mid-90s arcade game.  No, women don’t always have to get married, but the delusional fan-girl heart wants what the delusional fan-girl heart wants. I can’t contain it. (I also vaguely ship her with Dong Wook. Because I ship everyone with Dong Wook.)


Don’t go!!!!!!

I was having issues with roommate anyway. Often, when a reality show is not received as well as expected, or unexpected things happen to the cast, the creative team reacts one of two ways: One, they stick with the original plan and hope watchers eventually get on board. Two, they try to change the concept/format/focus as quickly as possible to catch the viewers’ interest. I much prefer the former approach. Roommate unfortunately has been trying to accommodate viewers, and also has committed some very strange acts of editing lately that keep me from being immersed in the show.

I don’t understand the way this show was cast, really. Every time Chan Yeol or Dong Wook is on camera it’s delightful, especially when they’re together. Anyone remember this?

tumblr_n5rkffCSth1qzh5sno2_250 tumblr_n5rjubeE1p1rblf33o1_250

But the two are the most likely to be away from the house any given episode. Not that I don’t think the rest of the cast is valuable. Se Ho is very good at MCing dinner and other household events, Mama Shin is just awesome, NaNa is a really interesting, complex person, Soo-Hyun is very caring, Min Woo is interesting if a bit pouty at times, and Kang Joon is a stange, insightful space cadet when the show is not focusing on his looks. But Ga Yeon, Dong Wook, and Chanyeol bring the others together and provide a lot of the interest.

Now that Ga Yeon is leaving and it looks like others might follow, I have read that the show might restructure completely. I think a better idea would be to recast and go back to the original plan of watching celebs react to living in a house together. If it were me, I’d make them work like the old seasons of the real world so the’d still have to interact but they wouldn’t have to manufacture drama.

I am really disappointed in Roommate, and reminded why I don’t like to watch currently airing shows, even reality/variety. Well, I hope Ga Yeon actually gets a goodbye episode, unlike the others!