Music Break: Top 5 Boy Band Song Obsessions

While the rest of the Korean obsessed world has been drawn in by all the new dramas that this year has brought to us, I have been currently been drawn to the more “sexy” side of the Korean world. And by sexy I mean, of course, the boy bands. Gone are the days of boy bands for us unfortunate Americans, so Korean boy bands are the next best thing. While I could go on and on about my favorite bands, I will limit myself to a few favorite songs. Yes I am aware that some of these are older, but these songs have been my life at the gym these past five weeks. Lets just pretend that we all don’t know these songs. Okay? Okay!

Onto the list we go!

Number 5!

Knock out by GD&TOP


This song is the song I blast in my car when I’m going to class in the morning. The beat literally has me on the edge of my seat and also getting weird looks from all who hear my weird music in the morning.

Number 4!

Nice by Got7


These boys are so fun to listen to. Many might find it is surprising that I didn’t choose Just Right over this song. But this song has amazing beats to it that make it fun to bump to in the morning.

Number 3!

Call me Baby by EXO


By now you can tell that my list is based on songs that I can blast in my car which make the most noise possible at 8 in the morning on campus. While this one doesn’t have the bass as the other two, this one is still an amazing song to blare.

Number 2!

Chained Up by Vixx


This song is the bees knees in terms of sexiness. The intro has an amazing beat that gives me tons of energy in the morning. Also for any runners out there, this song is amazing to run to.

And Finally Number 1!

Blanket Kick by BTS


Definitely an outcast in my queue of songs, this songs just makes me so happy. I am a bit biased because BTS happens to my favorite band in the KPOP scene. This song really has the potential to put a huge grin on your face especially if you watch the practice video that goes along with it.

And those are my Top 5 Boy Band Obsessions currently. At the end of the post, I will include links to all these songs on YouTube. Play these songs loud and proud. Ensue weird looks from surrounding people.






You Have Those Jams!

NerdNoona ❤




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