Roommate…sad, sad news


This post is going to be short, because I’m currently in mourning for the show that could have been and don’t have much energy to type.

Park Bom left roommate, and I was sad, but I was ok. Lee Sora announced she was leaving, and while I was a bit surprised, I reasoned that she seemed to have a difficult time in a house full of so many people. She’s a light sleeper and very particular about a lot of things.

But now Ga Yeon is leaving to focus on her fighting career, and that pretty much kills me. I think everyone knows I’m a Ga Yeon fan girl, right? I wanted her to marry Chan Yeol and have lots of musically talented babies with the strength and fighting prowess of a character from a mid-90s arcade game.  No, women don’t always have to get married, but the delusional fan-girl heart wants what the delusional fan-girl heart wants. I can’t contain it. (I also vaguely ship her with Dong Wook. Because I ship everyone with Dong Wook.)


Don’t go!!!!!!

I was having issues with roommate anyway. Often, when a reality show is not received as well as expected, or unexpected things happen to the cast, the creative team reacts one of two ways: One, they stick with the original plan and hope watchers eventually get on board. Two, they try to change the concept/format/focus as quickly as possible to catch the viewers’ interest. I much prefer the former approach. Roommate unfortunately has been trying to accommodate viewers, and also has committed some very strange acts of editing lately that keep me from being immersed in the show.

I don’t understand the way this show was cast, really. Every time Chan Yeol or Dong Wook is on camera it’s delightful, especially when they’re together. Anyone remember this?

tumblr_n5rkffCSth1qzh5sno2_250 tumblr_n5rjubeE1p1rblf33o1_250

But the two are the most likely to be away from the house any given episode. Not that I don’t think the rest of the cast is valuable. Se Ho is very good at MCing dinner and other household events, Mama Shin is just awesome, NaNa is a really interesting, complex person, Soo-Hyun is very caring, Min Woo is interesting if a bit pouty at times, and Kang Joon is a stange, insightful space cadet when the show is not focusing on his looks. But Ga Yeon, Dong Wook, and Chanyeol bring the others together and provide a lot of the interest.

Now that Ga Yeon is leaving and it looks like others might follow, I have read that the show might restructure completely. I think a better idea would be to recast and go back to the original plan of watching celebs react to living in a house together. If it were me, I’d make them work like the old seasons of the real world so the’d still have to interact but they wouldn’t have to manufacture drama.

I am really disappointed in Roommate, and reminded why I don’t like to watch currently airing shows, even reality/variety. Well, I hope Ga Yeon actually gets a goodbye episode, unlike the others! 

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