The Dreaded Drama Slump

Hello everyone! I have been absent for quite a while, and it is mostly because I am not watching many shows. While there are some shows I have found enjoyable, nothing has really jumped out at me and made me want to write about it.

Nae-il’s Cantabile is probably the show I am most faithfully watching right now, but I don’t feel that I can comment on it because many people have seen the original and I have not. Also, the things I like the most about it also highlight some of its weakest points. I enjoy slice-of-life dramas, and the acting is quite good- Joo Won is probably one of the best actors currently doing TV- but while the quiet moments and simple human interactions are done incredibly well, the bigger plot is a bit meandering. The weakest point, in my opinion, is we’ve had characters seem to be important characters involved in the main plot lines, and then suddenly take off to go abroad. First off, if there is a trope I could do without, it is the sudden trip “abroad” as if travelling out of any country doesn’t take months of planning and paperwork, especially when you are going somewhere to study. Secondly, when you send characters away in the middle of a show, especially characters who seemed like they were going to be antagonists, they take a bit of the necessary plot tension with them, and it makes the show seem like it is not well thought out. But- I still very much enjoy the show. I would rather just enjoy it than think about it, if that makes any sense.

I have also been occasionally watching Pinocchio. I think Park Shin Hye playing a spunky and irreverent character is fantastic, and I think if she nails a kissing scene this time around her naysayers shrink quite a bit. But the show, while I find certain things interesting, hasn’t really grabbed me yet.

I’ve been watching a few things from Taiwan and Japan, and as always, watching many of my favorite dramas until I can pretty much recite the dialogue verbatim. My fiancee has let me know that’s abnormal, but it hasn’t really made me stop 🙂 Still, I think I have to admit I am in a slump. I don’t have cable, but I’ve seen a few American movies lately that I really enjoyed- Guardians of the Galaxy fpr instance, and Big Hero 6. Unfortunately, you get 16 or so hours of viewing pleasure from your average K-drama, and only about 2 from a movie.

If you’re thinking I sound obsessed with TV, I totally am. I don’t know if that is because of my obsession with writing, or if I have a problem and need to seek a 12 step program immediately. But TV really helps with my mood, and in a way I think it helps me cope with daily life. I would like to find a show to be obsessed with, and ponder, and write about, but lately I have nothing.

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