Quick Review: [Holika Holika] Wonder Drawing No Smudge Liquid Eyeliner

Hello my lovelies,

I have been obsessed lately with the Korean trend of puppy dog eyeliner. I have rather almond-shaped eyes that seem a bit too upturned for my liking. I love using this trend to downturn my eyes and make them look soft and feminine. So I’ve been on a hunt for a new eyeliner that will not move on the course of a hard day at school. I’m at school for sometimes 8 hours at a time and with allergies my eyes can get watery. I was on the lookout for an eyeliner that was black and did not move.

I picked up the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing eyeliner from Jolse on Amazon. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered it. I had heard next to nothing about the product so I went in blind. As soon as I got the product, I tried it out immediately.


First Impression: I was surprised at the packing. It was small and compact which I liked as I dislike bulky packaging. The design is slick and unassuming which I am like. As for the brush, it is similar to a small paintbrush. It is stiff but still has some flex to the wand. As for myself, I really like this style of brush as it makes it easier to control the movement. It doesn’t really have a specific smell at least nothing I can detect.

Formula: I was impressed on how well the formula glided onto my eyelids. The formula is also very black and slightly shiny which is not an issue for me. It dries really fast so there is no transferring of product into the crease or onto the lid if you need to blink. Now it gets into the tricky part, testing how long it lasts. This one was hard. I would say it lasts well for about¬†5 or 6 hours with no issues. Once you get into more advanced time, it does time to disappear. I would like to say that this disappearance is totally due to how watery my eyes are. I am constantly rubbing at my eyes as well. I am confident this would last even long if you don’t have these same problems.

Conclusion: I really enjoy this eyeliner for everyday use. It is easy to use and lasts for the majority of the day for my watery eyes. It only cost 6.95 for Jolse on Amazon and for that price I would say it is excellent at what it does. I like it better than some of my high-end brands of liquid liner. If you want an affordable and quality liquid eyeliner I would recommend this one 100%!

Until Next Time!