The Dramas of the Summer

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So it is summer time and you know what that means, endless free time to do nothing but watch Korean dramas. This summer I’ve been bogged down with two internships at the same time which means I don’t always have a ton of time to watch the summer dramas. The summer is one of my favorite times for dramas. It really seems like the good dramas tend to come out around the hot season. This summer is no different. I have currently been obsessed with three shows that have really captured my attention and made me stay up way past my bedtime.

This summer drama season has finally got some amazing Romantic Comedies  that I am crazy for. It seems like the last few cycles of dramas have been really heavy with barely any fun thrown in so I am happy that Rom Coms are coming back into fashion so to speak.

The First on my list is a cute little drama which throws in a little supernatural flair to break up the usual rom com formula. I am of course talking about Oh My Ghostess


This Rom Com follows a virgin ghost who can’t help but try to pop her ghost cherry. Her snarky attitude really brings a new life into a drama which had the potential to fail. Kim Seul Gi really plays the grudge holding Soon Ae well even though her parts are far and few between. Her flash backs are really one of my favorite parts of the drama. Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo have a great chemistry that is hard to find in a lot of Rom Coms. I am really looking forward to seeing what else this drama has in store for me.

Next up is another Rom Com that has captured my attention. This rom com follows a girl who can’t lie and a boy who can’t dress, Pinocchio.


I just started this drama today and I can say I already love it to bits. I was immediately drawn to the drama because of the actress Park Shin Hye. She has got to be one of my favorites of the Korean drama industry. She has played in two of my favorite dramas, Heartstrings and Flowerboy Next Door. I adore her acting as you can really feel her emotions while she is acting. I’ve only watched one episode of this drama, but I can already feel the chemistry of the actors. I am extremely excited to see what this drama will bring.

Last but not least we have a Melodrama. This drama deals with debt, mental illness, and loss. The drama Mask really gives you turn after turn.


This is not my usual cup of tea, but I was intrigued none the less. This drama follows a woman, Ji Sook and later Eun Ha, who fakes her death to take the life of her doppelganger who is engaged to the traumatized CEO, Min Woo. This is a very deep drama that really leaves you on the edge of your seat. I really felt connected to Ji Sook/Eun Ha who are both caught in cages of their own. I’m on the fourth episode and I really feel that I am going to end up sobbing by the end of this drama.

And that brings the end of my new three summer drama obsessions. I am really pleased with what the summer dramas have to offer this year. When I finish these dramas, I will post a full review of each drama. If you are watching or have finished any of these dramas, let me know what you think!

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PS: How is Lee Jong Suk so good looking! Ugh, I need to go to Korea.


3B: Beauty Beyond Borders Review

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So recently I was on the hunt for a Birchbox or Ipsy like service for Asian products. I stumbled upon the 3B sample box. I was instantly intrigued. It is a new box that only launched a couple of months ago. I signed up and was off the waiting list before I knew it.

“We believe in seeing all the beauty in the world.

However you feel, wherever you’re going, be your own kind of beautiful” – 3B Philosophy

The box has a price similar to Ipsy and Birchbox with its price point hitting at only $12 USD. The box comes with four to five deluxes beauty samples in every box. Even though the samples are few, deluxe means that there will be none of those foil packets that all of us hate getting in sample boxes. Hit their website to learn more about the box and their story as a company.

When I received my box, I was relieved to see how well it was packaged. When something is coming from a sample service, I am always nervous that something will go wrong and something inside will be broken. Everything was beautiful when I opened the box. The packaging is simple and chic, no hassle of tissue paper and a cute cinch bag to re use. I was amazed to see that all but one product was full sized!

Lets get into the Products!


SkinFood False Lashes:

These false lashes are great for everyday because they are not too long and voluminous. They are made to work with shorter Asian lashes and this makes applying these a charm. I liked getting lashes in boxes like these because of the fact that I never know what lashes look good on my eyes.

TonyMoly Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream:

This handcream is the bees knees. It smells heavenly and doesn’t have that lotion greasy feeling on the hands. My boyfriend wants to eat my hands when I wear this.

TonyMoly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil:

Okay I admit it I have a love affair with Tony Moly. Even though there are two products of the same brand in the box, I really don’t mind one bit. This brow pencil really reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz but with a softer brush head. The color is a bit too light for my black hair and black brows but it works well in the front of my brows. I would love to get this pencil in a darker shade.

Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam:

This exfoliating scrub is different than anything I have ever tried. I adore Korean face wash and this is no different. I love using this when my skin needs a good scrub which is about once a week. This small size will last me for a while. I love that this is the only deluxe sized sample in the box. All the others were full sized.


Overall Thoughts:

This box is well worth the money. The product value adds up to about 20 or so dollars which means the box is paid for and more. I am really looking forward to receiving more boxes and really seeing where this box goes.

Until Next Box!

NerdNoona ❤

Why I Adore Coffee Prince

NerdNoona Here!

School has officially been done for about a month for me so I have a ton of free time on my hands. Even though I am working two internships, I still have time to sit at home and stare at a screen. I’ve been using up all this free time by watching older Korean dramas that I’ve skipped over for newer creations. I began my journey with some ones that I hadn’t finished like Secret Garden (I think I cried for an episode straight) and I watched You’re Beautiful over again. Then I stumbled upon Coffee Prince in my recommended on Netflix. So I started watching.

The Plot:

The first ten minutes of the drama had me hooked. I adore ensemble casts and I could already tell that the two main characters had serious chemistry. This light-hearted drama is about a girl who looks like a guy,Go Eun Chan, (and for once she actually does pass for a dude) that gets mixed up in a money crisis. She meets Choi Han Kyul after she catches a snatch thief who happens to be her sisters “boyfriend”. Han Kyul accuses her of being in cahoots with the thief and gives her his card telling her if she is bold enough she will call for compensation for her broken scooter. Eun Chan does just that because the incident leaves her fired from her job. After she meets Han Kyul in a hotel less than fully clothed, Han Kyul insults her parents leaving her to follow him on his match making dates pestering him to apologize. Han Kyul soon recruits her to be his “lover” and scare away all the dates. Eun Chan and Han Kyul do just that. Han Kyul’s grandmother retaliates and  gives him three months to take a dump of a coffee shop and triple her investment. At first Han Kyul doesn’t want to do it but through Eun Chan convincing him and his grandmother threatening to take away his house and car he agrees. He hires Eun Chan as the first employee and the story is set for love.

Why I love it:

The story makes this drama really stand out to me. The story explores a foreign subject of the time, homosexuality. (Secret Garden also explores this as well). My favorite aspect of this story is that while it has serious aspects to it, it stays light hearted and fun. Han Yoo Joo for instance, is not the typical female “villain”. She is great to Eun Chan even though Han Kyul “likes her”. She takes care of Eun Chan in many situations. She is not unbearable at all. Some dramas (I’m looking at you Full House), make the female villain so bad that it makes you want to stop watching. Yoo Joo is not the only character that makes the watcher keep watching. Each character has something endearing to them which captures the attention of the watcher. No I’m not talking about all the smoking hot bods either (Min-Yeop=sex on a stick). I adore all their little stories worked into the main story of Eun Chan and Han Kyul.

The score of the drama is another winner for me. More recent dramas seem to use the same song over and over and over again (You’re Beautiful is so guilty of this, my boyfriend gets mad if he hears that song even to this day). I love the more iconic songs that are placed throughout the score like Frank Sinatra and some popular Korean hits. The little diddle that plays through the cuter scenes is a good filler song that is not offensive on the ears.

I really cannot say anything bad about the drama except that I wish there was a little more about Coffee Princess and more of that lovely Han Kyul bod. Yes I thought Han Kyul was amazingly sexy even though many other fans don’t really think so.  This drama is one of a kind and I really can see why it is a favorite among many Korean Drama fans.

Main Characters:

Go Eun Chan

Go Eun Chan is a girl who happens to look like a pretty convincing guy. She has been the breadwinner of her family ever since her father passed away when she was in middle school. She is a funny little Teenie Weenie who always knows how to make people feel good.

Choi Han Kyul

He is a player who has been wasting his life away in American for five years. When he comes back he is faced with match making dates and taking over a dump of a coffee house. He made a habit out of another mans girl for years until he meets Eun Chan who makes him think he is going crazy for liking her.

Choi Han Sung

Han Sung is a man of music. He has been pining over Yoo Joo who broke up with him 2 years ago after she found another man. He soon takes an interest in Eun Chan even when Yoo Joo is at his side. He is made happy by Eun Chan even at his darkest times.

Han Yoo Joo

Yoo Joo is an artist that always puts her work in front of everything even her man. After spending two years with the man she broke up with Han Sung over, she looks to get back with Han Sung. Even with Han Sung wavering over Eun Chan she still remains nice to her.

Hwang Min Yeop

Min Yeop is a hunk with no brains that is in love with Eun Chan sister. He is the first of the waiters to know of Eun Chan’s girly habits and does no good at keeping a secret. He is sweet to Eun Chan and helps her through hard times even with a lack of brain

Jin Ha Rim

Ha Rim is a long time friend of Han Kyul. After refusing to follow in the footsteps of his family and be a doctor, he ends up at Coffee Prince. He has a close friendship with Eun Chan calling her frequently my Chan. He is funny and a bit clueless.

Noh Sun Ki

Sun Ki is a Korean/Japanese man with a past. Even though he has a gruff interior, he also has a heart of gold that shows when he takes care of Eun Chan. His out bursts in Japanese add a funny element to each scene.

Coffee Prince will really stick with me until the end as one of the best dramas I have ever watched. I really enjoyed the drama and I’m even in the process of watching it again!

Until Next Time!

NerdNoona ❤

PS: Did you love Han Kyul when you first saw him and that hot bod?

Its Been Awhile

NerdNoona Here,

It has been a while since I’ve posted. School has had me turned upside down but good news I’ll have some new stuff up soon! I have two meme boxes to review and some exciting new boxes that may be something not makeup!

As far as Korean Dramas, I may have been binge watching several shows while I’ve been procrastinating various projects. I have fallen in love with a relatively new drama called Sensory Couple. Its a cute drama but with a great story underneath. I adore the lead couple’s chemistry. Plus Park Yoo Chun is a hottie. (Even if it ends up sucking I may end up watching it just for him)

sensory couple

Another drama that I’m trying out is Blood. I’ve only watched the first episode, but I’m really starting to like it. Ahn Jae-Hyeon is looking finnnneee,.


As far as Lee Min Ho and Suzy, I’m ignoring it…… for now…..

Look out for all this new stuff I’m planning! Have faith my readers.

See You Next Time

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Memebox Unboxing and Review: Special #77 Lovely Boutique


NerdNoona Here!

I have another Memebox review for you guys! This one is oh so cute!

A little about Memebox first!

Memebox is currently the #1 beauty box provider in Korea, and arrived here in the US and other countries just recently! There are a couple of different boxes: Memebox, Memebox Special Editions, Superbox and Luckybox. Boxes are shipped internationally but not all countries are included. Clickhere to see if your country is included. Memebox is not a continuous monthly service like Ipsy or Birchbox. New boxes are released  all the time with exciting themes! More information can be found at here! And now for a little bit about the different boxes.

  • Memebox:
    The original Memebox comes packed with 4 – 8 full-size products and deluxe samples. Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin-care and makeup products.
  • Memebox Special Edition:
    Memebox special edition comes packaged with 4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples under its own theme. Memebox special edition is designed to meet various concerns, beauty trends, and also seasonal needs.
  • Superbox:
    Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns, or collaboration with our favorite brands!
  • Luckybox:
    We created Luckybox to give everyone a different and unique box full of our favorite products for you to feel like the luckiest person in the world! Every Luckybox is unique and is filled with 4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products

Lets get into these adorable products!

Warning. If you’re a sucker for cute and exquisite packaging (with the added bonus of super effectiveness!) and love the enchantment of discovering swoon-worthy Korean cosmetics, you’re in for a really, really big treat.The Memebox beauty junkies took extra time and care to make sure that this magical box explodes with all things cute and lovely – complexion confections, skin care sensations, dreamy delights, lust-worthy lovables and much, much more! With a killer combo of quality brands and formulas, innovative beauty solutions, and drool-worthy packaging, this box will literally get you weak at the knees with just one look! Treat yourself to a little indulgence with extreme cute overload!

These box has my name written all over it! The cuteness of the products made my pre-finals week bearable!


Look at how cute!

From Right to Left!

1. Too Cool for School: Dinoplatz Cinema City [Full Sized $30]

The packaging of this product is soo cute! I love the dino theme! I cannot believe that this little tube of CC Cream is 30 bucks! It is a good match for my skin and it feels great but the price is a little too crazy. There is a pretty strong scent to the product so if you don’t like strong scented things don’t go for this.

2. Shara Shara: Natural Shining BB SPF++ [Full Sized $16]

I cannot say enough good things. This makes my skin look so glowy. I am in love with the finish of this BB Cream. There is not a strong scent to it at all. This is a pretty big tube for the price and I am happy with the amount of product for the price.

3. TheYeon: Jeju Hallabong Energy Pack x 4 [Full Sized $6]

These are so cute! The texture is really strange on these masks. The texture remind me of chunky grape jelly. I have used one so far and it made my skin super soft. This are going to hydrate my skin after a long finals week.

4. Shara Shara: Only You Necklace Lip Balm No.1 Juicy Peach [Full Sized $34]

This is too cute for words. This is not something I would usually wear as a necklace but it would girly up any outfit I choose to wear it with. The actual lip product is pretty moisturizing and feels good on the lips. I don’t know if I would pay 34 bucks just for a necklace with lip balm in it though.

5. Shara Shara: Acerola Moist Oil Balm [Full Sized $17]

Another Shara Shara product! This brand has the cutest products! There is no scent at all that I can detect. The balm itself is very moisturizing and feels good on my elbows which are very dry in the winter. The tin is super durable and is perfect for just throwing in your purse or backpack. This is going to be a staple for my backpack.

6. Etude House: My Castle Hand Cream [Full Sized $7]

I knew there was going to be Etude House in here. This is probably my favorite of the products. I got mine in sweet cookie and the scent is to die for. The product packaging is so cute. I want to have them all! The hand cream is very rich and moisturizing.

Total Box Value:$110

Overall Thoughts

This box was pretty cute. I loved everything in there but I did feel that somethings were pricey for such little things. The CC cream especially is only 10ml and for the price points of thirty bucks it just doesn’t feel worth it. The cuteness of the box made my finals week bearable. I would love Memebox to do a lovely boutique #2.

Until Next Time!

NerdNoona ❤


The Dreaded Drama Slump

Hello everyone! I have been absent for quite a while, and it is mostly because I am not watching many shows. While there are some shows I have found enjoyable, nothing has really jumped out at me and made me want to write about it.

Nae-il’s Cantabile is probably the show I am most faithfully watching right now, but I don’t feel that I can comment on it because many people have seen the original and I have not. Also, the things I like the most about it also highlight some of its weakest points. I enjoy slice-of-life dramas, and the acting is quite good- Joo Won is probably one of the best actors currently doing TV- but while the quiet moments and simple human interactions are done incredibly well, the bigger plot is a bit meandering. The weakest point, in my opinion, is we’ve had characters seem to be important characters involved in the main plot lines, and then suddenly take off to go abroad. First off, if there is a trope I could do without, it is the sudden trip “abroad” as if travelling out of any country doesn’t take months of planning and paperwork, especially when you are going somewhere to study. Secondly, when you send characters away in the middle of a show, especially characters who seemed like they were going to be antagonists, they take a bit of the necessary plot tension with them, and it makes the show seem like it is not well thought out. But- I still very much enjoy the show. I would rather just enjoy it than think about it, if that makes any sense.

I have also been occasionally watching Pinocchio. I think Park Shin Hye playing a spunky and irreverent character is fantastic, and I think if she nails a kissing scene this time around her naysayers shrink quite a bit. But the show, while I find certain things interesting, hasn’t really grabbed me yet.

I’ve been watching a few things from Taiwan and Japan, and as always, watching many of my favorite dramas until I can pretty much recite the dialogue verbatim. My fiancee has let me know that’s abnormal, but it hasn’t really made me stop 🙂 Still, I think I have to admit I am in a slump. I don’t have cable, but I’ve seen a few American movies lately that I really enjoyed- Guardians of the Galaxy fpr instance, and Big Hero 6. Unfortunately, you get 16 or so hours of viewing pleasure from your average K-drama, and only about 2 from a movie.

If you’re thinking I sound obsessed with TV, I totally am. I don’t know if that is because of my obsession with writing, or if I have a problem and need to seek a 12 step program immediately. But TV really helps with my mood, and in a way I think it helps me cope with daily life. I would like to find a show to be obsessed with, and ponder, and write about, but lately I have nothing.