Why I Adore Coffee Prince

NerdNoona Here!

School has officially been done for about a month for me so I have a ton of free time on my hands. Even though I am working two internships, I still have time to sit at home and stare at a screen. I’ve been using up all this free time by watching older Korean dramas that I’ve skipped over for newer creations. I began my journey with some ones that I hadn’t finished like Secret Garden (I think I cried for an episode straight) and I watched You’re Beautiful over again. Then I stumbled upon Coffee Prince in my recommended on Netflix. So I started watching.

The Plot:

The first ten minutes of the drama had me hooked. I adore ensemble casts and I could already tell that the two main characters had serious chemistry. This light-hearted drama is about a girl who looks like a guy,Go Eun Chan, (and for once she actually does pass for a dude) that gets mixed up in a money crisis. She meets Choi Han Kyul after she catches a snatch thief who happens to be her sisters “boyfriend”. Han Kyul accuses her of being in cahoots with the thief and gives her his card telling her if she is bold enough she will call for compensation for her broken scooter. Eun Chan does just that because the incident leaves her fired from her job. After she meets Han Kyul in a hotel less than fully clothed, Han Kyul insults her parents leaving her to follow him on his match making dates pestering him to apologize. Han Kyul soon recruits her to be his “lover” and scare away all the dates. Eun Chan and Han Kyul do just that. Han Kyul’s grandmother retaliates and  gives him three months to take a dump of a coffee shop and triple her investment. At first Han Kyul doesn’t want to do it but through Eun Chan convincing him and his grandmother threatening to take away his house and car he agrees. He hires Eun Chan as the first employee and the story is set for love.

Why I love it:

The story makes this drama really stand out to me. The story explores a foreign subject of the time, homosexuality. (Secret Garden also explores this as well). My favorite aspect of this story is that while it has serious aspects to it, it stays light hearted and fun. Han Yoo Joo for instance, is not the typical female “villain”. She is great to Eun Chan even though Han Kyul “likes her”. She takes care of Eun Chan in many situations. She is not unbearable at all. Some dramas (I’m looking at you Full House), make the female villain so bad that it makes you want to stop watching. Yoo Joo is not the only character that makes the watcher keep watching. Each character has something endearing to them which captures the attention of the watcher. No I’m not talking about all the smoking hot bods either (Min-Yeop=sex on a stick). I adore all their little stories worked into the main story of Eun Chan and Han Kyul.

The score of the drama is another winner for me. More recent dramas seem to use the same song over and over and over again (You’re Beautiful is so guilty of this, my boyfriend gets mad if he hears that song even to this day). I love the more iconic songs that are placed throughout the score like Frank Sinatra and some popular Korean hits. The little diddle that plays through the cuter scenes is a good filler song that is not offensive on the ears.

I really cannot say anything bad about the drama except that I wish there was a little more about Coffee Princess and more of that lovely Han Kyul bod. Yes I thought Han Kyul was amazingly sexy even though many other fans don’t really think so.  This drama is one of a kind and I really can see why it is a favorite among many Korean Drama fans.

Main Characters:

Go Eun Chan

Go Eun Chan is a girl who happens to look like a pretty convincing guy. She has been the breadwinner of her family ever since her father passed away when she was in middle school. She is a funny little Teenie Weenie who always knows how to make people feel good.

Choi Han Kyul

He is a player who has been wasting his life away in American for five years. When he comes back he is faced with match making dates and taking over a dump of a coffee house. He made a habit out of another mans girl for years until he meets Eun Chan who makes him think he is going crazy for liking her.

Choi Han Sung

Han Sung is a man of music. He has been pining over Yoo Joo who broke up with him 2 years ago after she found another man. He soon takes an interest in Eun Chan even when Yoo Joo is at his side. He is made happy by Eun Chan even at his darkest times.

Han Yoo Joo

Yoo Joo is an artist that always puts her work in front of everything even her man. After spending two years with the man she broke up with Han Sung over, she looks to get back with Han Sung. Even with Han Sung wavering over Eun Chan she still remains nice to her.

Hwang Min Yeop

Min Yeop is a hunk with no brains that is in love with Eun Chan sister. He is the first of the waiters to know of Eun Chan’s girly habits and does no good at keeping a secret. He is sweet to Eun Chan and helps her through hard times even with a lack of brain

Jin Ha Rim

Ha Rim is a long time friend of Han Kyul. After refusing to follow in the footsteps of his family and be a doctor, he ends up at Coffee Prince. He has a close friendship with Eun Chan calling her frequently my Chan. He is funny and a bit clueless.

Noh Sun Ki

Sun Ki is a Korean/Japanese man with a past. Even though he has a gruff interior, he also has a heart of gold that shows when he takes care of Eun Chan. His out bursts in Japanese add a funny element to each scene.

Coffee Prince will really stick with me until the end as one of the best dramas I have ever watched. I really enjoyed the drama and I’m even in the process of watching it again!

Until Next Time!

NerdNoona ❤

PS: Did you love Han Kyul when you first saw him and that hot bod?


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