I guess I have to Watch Roommate tomorrow

Hi all! I think if you viewed this blog before you remember I have a special affection bordering on obsession with Song Ga Yeon. She was such an adorable mix of mellow little sister and spunky fighter that I wanted to adopt her immediately. I stopped watching Roommate not because Ga Yeon left, but because the whole structure and cast of the show was rapidly falling apart.

I had developed some interest in seeing the show’s new incarnation “That’s okay, it’s roommate” when I saw who the newer members teaming up with the skeleton crew of the old team would be. I’ve watched a few clips and I’ve really come to like the dynamic between some of the cast. That said, I am VERY wary of watching a show that I feel will screw me over, by either ending early or having sudden unexpected casting changes. (Surplus Princess being cut down to 10 episodes broke my heart, by the way.)

I saw this video this morning, which instantly means I have to watch episode 23 of roommate. Ga Yeon comes to visit, and Jackson, who apparently sees Ga Yeon as his ideal female, is a little…um…shy?

The fact that a member who moved out last season is visiting makes me hate what happened last season a little less. The thing that bothered me the most is that there weren’t on screen goodbyes. The cast who left were just gone. I know they did have blurbs at the very end, but it was too little, too late. Now that the show is illustrating that they all still know each other and get along (real or not, it just works for me narratively) I can enjoy the new episodes.


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