Looking at past posts

My feelings have really changed about a lot of shows, and sometimes I go and look at posts I wrote and am shocked by what I read there. Like about “We Got Married” apparently I wrote that I thought Jo Kwon and Ga In really had romantic feelings for each other. Me barely three months later is looking at the screen with my eyebrows raised going- “Really? You really think so? Ya sure?”


Having a blog is pretty hilarious, because sometimes I look at past posts and just want to hug my former self. Like when I got all enthusiastic about Trot Lovers, not knowing that right before the end the unrealistic-but-entertaining writing would turn unrealistic-and-insane. Of course, I would have continued to watch it had I known or not, but at least I would have been prepared. At one point I swore off watching currently airing dramas, but that was the most boring 48 hours I’ve ever spent in my life.

Variety and reality wise, I have a new philosophy: I don’t try to pretend I think it’s real, or that it should be real, or that it in any way shows reality. I look at it like I look at the 50s. I was watching Project Runway the other day and thought “There’s no way they actually voted that dress through. The producers must have-” And then I realized I was breaking my rule, so I just relaxed and shrugged it off. And I feel much better for it.

Is there any show you once loved but now hate? Or vice-versa? Y’all, I would love comments about anything, truthfully. I always wonder what people actually think of this blog.


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