Once upon a time, Nerdnoona and Curlynoona were free at the same time and were chatting on Facebook (since chatting in person is a bit hard, being that they live 2,220 miles apart.) They decided to ask each other questions about Kdramas, because despite Curlynoona’s name, they are both, in fact, huge nerds.

Nerdnoona’s answers:

1. Drama you wished you’d never watched?

My Love from Another Star has ruined me forever for dramas. I have such a high expectation because of this amazing drama. But seriously, I don’t watch dramas that I don’t research a lot before hand!

love gif

2. Drama you wish was your life?

This one is so hard! Girls in dramas get pulled by the wrist a lot and I have weak wrists. I would have to say Heirs. If I could live with Lee Min Ho, I would be the happiest girl ever.

heirs gif

3.  Character you’d date?

Jeremy from You’re Beautiful. Its a no brainer. He is so adorable and innocent I could just eat him up!!!

you're beautiful gif

4. Character you’d marry?

Since I am a Lee Min Ho addict\, I’ll have to say Choi Young from Faith. He is so amazingly good looking with the long hair and rugged style.

faith gif

5. If you owned a makeup company, who is the idol or actor you’d want for your CF?

Jun Ji-Hyun. She has such a beautiful face. Her face leans towards strength rather than the more traditional Korean look of being innocent.

love gif2

Curlynoona’s comment: I recommended You from Another Star, so I take credit for her loving it so much. ‘Cause, you know, recommending it is almost the same as producing, writing, or acting in it, right? It almost makes up for forgetting to tell her to watch the Korean version of Fated to Love you with a teddy bear to hug in the sad moments and in a room with padded walls for when you need to scream at all the noble idiocy (or laugh uproariously at all the hilarity.)

Curlynoona’s Answers:

1. Favorite aww scene? 

Pretty much any moment Jin-Gu looks at Se-Young in Plus Nine Boys.



2. Favorite bitch?

Kim In-Hee from Personal Taste. She was a horrible person with no idea of personal responsibility, but the great thing about her was there was never a moment you felt bad about hating her. In fact, I hate her so much that I’m going to insert a GIF of the leads kissing just to spite her.

large (1)

3. Favorite Mom?

I like this question, because there are so many articles about evil/domineering mothers in dramas and I think we should take more time to highlight the good ones. I think the mom from I Hear Your Voice was amazing. She never stopped believing in her daughter, and on a more day-to-day note, she’s a big reason why Hye-sung was this awesome:


4. Best makeup and style?

Despite a few missteps, I thought A Witch’s Romance had great styling for both the male and female cast. The guys especially, really, because often I have a hard time believing some of the things men are required to wear on shows- like ascots. I just don’t believe a 25 year old man, anywhere, is going to regularly where an ascot in his normal everyday life. On the ladies side, I especially liked how the lead female’s hair and makeup got less harsh as the show went on to show that she was becoming less guarded. The show also gave us a lot of moments to see everyone dressed up and dressed casually.

e d c b

I don’t remember that last one from the show, but it’s hilarious.

5. Couple that you wish happened but never did?

Second lead syndrome is a regular occurrence for me, so instead of listing every time I’ve had it I’ll just name a couple that was only in my head: Park Gyu-Dong and Kin Na-Na from Monstar. Is that weird? Maybe that’s weird…

g f


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