Two sentence reviews on last week: Roommate, We Got Married, You’re All Surrounded, High School King of Savvy, Trot Lovers


I still love roommate, but what was up with the last episode? It was disjointed, unfocused, and- well- kinda boring.

We Got Married

Key and Arisa

The end is near. How cute of Key and Arisa to try to convince us they like each other romantically; I’m not buying it, but cute.

Heechul and puff

These two really seem to care for each other. They make me dread the next episode because I know it will feel like a couple I ship is breaking up.

You’re all Surrounded

A little drawn out, a little angtsy, but with bromance, romance, and interesting characters to spare (possible little brother seems surprisingly smart,for instance.) If the next two episodes deliver, You’re All Surrounded will go in my “flawed but worth watching” file.

High School King of Savvy

I LOVE THIS SHOW way too much to be objective about these last two episodes, which I have re-watched about 8 times each. But now, since a couple has been formed and it’s only episode 8, I’m expecting all the secrets to come out and the whole thing to spectacularly fall apart.

Trot Lovers

My first impression of this show was that while it was entertaining it consists of pretty people, a great sound track, and an adorable child actress, all wrapped up in way too many cliches. I was worried that it couldn’t remain interesting; in the last two episodes, however, I felt it began using those cliches creatively enough to feel fresh.

P.S. (I can break my own two sentence rule if I want to, nyah nyah) The songs in Trot Lovers so far are just gorgeous.

(I like the version in the show better, but couldn’t find it)

 (Wait ’til she gets into it)




2 thoughts on “Two sentence reviews on last week: Roommate, We Got Married, You’re All Surrounded, High School King of Savvy, Trot Lovers

  1. My theory on High school King is Min-Seok’s relationship with Soo-Young won’t work (which makes me sad), but Min-Seok will realise how much her little sister cares for him and they will happily ever after it while Soo-Young will melt director Yoo’s heart and show him what it is like to be loved.

    I don’t want this to be the story arc, but I can too easily see it falling into place this way 😦


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