This shirt is everywhere


This Angry Bunny sweatshirt by Alexander McQueen seems to be in everything I watch lately. It was in Cunning Single lady, Let’s eat, another show I can’t remember, and I just saw it again on Trot Lovers. I love Alexander McQueen and I’m glad the line is continuing on after his death, but this is at the least a 250 dollar sweatshirt, yo. If one of the key points of her characters is her poverty, She should not be wearing Alexander McQueen. Even the T-shirt version is well over $100 US online.


4 thoughts on “This shirt is everywhere

  1. Oh, the lack of attention to detail! That’s actually quite shocking- but I’ve seen a lot of dramas where the supposedly poor is wearing something raaather HoboVogue (that you can just tell cost more than it looks like it does, and it purposely fashionably echh in the most beautiful way), but I’ve never had proof!

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