This week I’m looking forward to…

I’m going to try to keep this brief, because it’s 3:42 in the morning and my fiancee has been trying to convince me to sleep when other people sleep. While I probably will stay up until 7am again, it’ll be good to be able to say truthfully “at least I wasn’t writing my Korean drama Blog.”

You’re All Surrounded

“You’re all Surrounded” has turned in to the show I really, really like provided I skip about 35%, and then disregard the “logic” in about ten percent of what I did watch. I like most of the relationships between the detectives, (gotta admit I couldn’t care less about Tae Il’s Noona crush. They have mommy-child chemistry. If that’s the way it pans out I will shrug, as long as none of the bromances go down the drain.) I do wish though…just me being selfish, I guess…that the writers would give our rookies the kind of brain power not to make out during an important police investigation. Fan-service is one thing, but most of us were originally watching  “You’re all Surrounded” both as a romance and as a police procedural. I’m not really complaining, though, because the police procedural stuff got our puppy Lee Seung Gi injured in real life, so that should show they’re serious about it.

Anyway, if the show continues on the course it’s on so far, I can see a bit of makjang coming but eventually clear skies in which I will re watch a few episodes occasionally just to giggle when everyone realizes who the Maknae (youngest) is.

Hopes: Well, I’m hoping if the makjang turn is what I think it is, that weirdo rich kid will be a genuinely good guy and brother figure.

Fears: I don’t know what shows did this to me, but my fears are that EVERYONE DIES!!! ARGAAAAARRGFFFGGHHH!

Trot Lovers

On paper, Trot Lovers seemed like nothing but a rehash of tropes, cliches and excuses to play trot music, but it’s a surprisingly interesting, intense story so far. Ji Hyun-woo apparently is taking extra care not to get type cast as the most lovable man on the planet, cause this time his lead is giving Gu Jun Pyo a run for his money as “lead who most gives off the impression of being a sociopath.” I don’t mean he likes to beat people up and make them lick his shoes, he just doesn’t seem to care about anyone other then himself. At the end of the second episode I did feel for him, but I also raised my eyes superiority and said “That’s what you get.” Speaking of sociopaths, Shin Sung-rok who was the baddie in You From Another Star is second lead Geun Woo. Geun Woo is yet another chaebol son, but luckily here the resemblance ends. He does not want to take over for his father, and in fact seems dead against it. Now his personality is hard to track down. He has a charming smile, disinterest in everything, and a blatant case of kleptomania (or is it just not caring if he inconveniences someone else?) which all blend together to create an unsolvable mystery air about him. That will keeps my interest for about 2 or 3 more episodes, so I hope there’s more going on. There’s some family discontent there, and I can’t tell if he’s interested in Miss Snotty Soo-in, who I guess could be cool, I dunno. Second leads tend to go one of two ways.

The little sister, Byul, is adorable and a big part of the shows appeal. The singing is also great- the last song of the second episode gave me chills. I have never been able to figure out what trot is, really, but guessing from reactions to it on the show the closest allegory I can think of is classic country or folk. As in, some people are going to laugh at you just for listening to it.

King of Highschool Savvy:

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Min-Seok realize most people in the company aren’t as nice as they seem, and it is definitely time for an alliance with Soo-Young. I would love for this show to be available somewhere with English subs legally and easily accessible. If it’s not legal, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to finish the show there, and ya know, also I don’t want to cheat the people who made it…which might be a reason to start broadcasting dramas on American TV…or making deals with netflix or hulu or…actually, I have no frigging idea, I just want to be able to watch this show without having to hunt for it.

We Got Married

I dunno about heechul, man. Whatever is going on with him, it’s serious. I say that with admiration in my voice, but the man is just seriously off his rocker sometimes. I like that Puff is starting to take after him instead of the other way around. It’s cute. I’d like to mention a specific incident, but I think the man’s whole career is just made up of Heechul being a little too full of himself, a little too odd, and completely too awesome.

Puff is pretty cool too, and they’d make a perfect couple, I think. Heechul could keep her on her toes and she could knock him down to size when he needs it.

(Little detour here: I’m watching her new drama (the one with the funny name “Love Myself or You.” They tried to change it to “Pleasantly Surprised”but that has nothing to do with the Chinese name at all.) Anyway, she’s great in it, and it is far better than Aaron Yan’s “Fall in Love with me.”No offense meant to Puff’s group mate, Tia Li, but- well, maybe tiny offense meant: She is not a good actress. At all. She tries hard, but she only has one or two expressions. It’s something she might be able to get over, but she should get over it with an acting coach, not while actually being in productions other people could have been better in. Aaron is pretty fantastic playing two roles, and I hope he and Puff actually get to act together again soon!)

Now back on the Heechul front, there was something I wanted to mention. I think Heechul is just a ginormous Troll about the whole “is he gay thing.” If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, read this or this. Some guys who have these rumors going around might make a big show out skinship with their “wife”…and Heechul kinda does that, but not in a desperate “so the cameras can see” way, and when they walk around with each other they’re obviously comfortable being physically close. Heechul has his best friend and rumored boyfriend on the show, and that friend plays a trick on him by kissing him on the lips that Heechul wasn’t at ALL surprised by. Puff neither, when I think about it. I do not play the “is he gay” guessing game because I’m horrible at and it’s none of my business, but in this case I just  think Heechul is aware of the rumors and wants to let everyone know he doesn’t give a flying f*ck what they think. And that, my friends, is a big part of why I think he’s awesome.

Key and Arisa…are super good friends. I think if Arisa had shown more interest, Key would have built on it, but she is really young and unsure, and in a different country away from her friends and family. Last weeks incredibly scripted double date did show how comfortable they are with each other, but just being comfortable with each other isn’t romance. And after seeing how well Key gets along with Eun Ji, and Arisa’s mom, and seeing the tough-girl he liked at the runway show, I stand by my theory that Key likes strong women who can keep him in line. By the way, This is the most controlled I’ve ever seen him be on a reality show- either he was pushing himself to be overly sarcastic before, or he’s struggling to reign it in now.


Oooh! Hopefully I can watch roommate today! Still love it, even though it’s random scriptedness. At least the writers take the time off from coming up with scenarios and misleading promos to write some ridiculous things, like Chanyeol throwing fire. I’m hoping for more bromance…and I never thought I’d say this, but I would ind a hint or two of romance, either. It’s like they figured out they were putting too much in so now they took it all out. Except for Se Ho and Nana. I have this bizarre, paranoid feeling that Se-Ho and Nana have been dating since before the show and this was their way to announce it. My theory works perfectly, unless you look at the fact that it makes no sense.

Eeek! I’ts 5:33! I get distracted by everything.

Gotcha catch: Joseon Gunamn

I haven’t seen it yet and I feel slightly dirty. When I’m having trouble in my personal life, I tend to stick to stories I’m sure will have a happy ending, but this looks too good too pass up, and I’ve heard some encouraging things about it.

Looking Forward to: Fated to love you

Fated to Love you has the added pressure of being a remake of an uber-popular Taiwanese production- not only will people be comparing it to the original, but to Witch’s Romance, which for the most part was a remake done right. The original story never felt like a light-eight rom-com to me- it wouldn’t have done justice to the story material- but Fated to love you tore my heart out in several places and took WAY TOO LONG to put it back. I’m hoping, hoping against hope, that this will both be as amusing as the Taiwanese version and tons less angtsy. The angst can be there, of course, I love a few good angtsy episodes, but the fun should have lasted much longer. Anyone willing to write a formula for that? The ratio of angst to fun divided by the hotness of the actors over whether or not the script makes sense equals…well, I’m not a math person.

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