So Ji Sub 18 years

To tell the truth, I’m don’t follow current music very closely. I mostly listen to music that was popular in the US from the 60s-90s. Still, I have picked up some K-pop favorites from watching variety shows, and I really like Korean rap, as long as it doesn’t dip too far into African American stereotypes.

I ran across 18 years by So Ji Sub and I thought it seemed really personal and compelling. I’ve only ever seen one interview of So Ji Sub, and I remember thinking that he seemed a bit introverted (the kind that can come off as stuck-up if you don’t know better.) I also thought he seemed way more into music than anything else, and that it must be weird to be kinda hip-hop inclined and forced to wear ascots and suits all the time. So Ji Sub has been forced to wear some pretty horrendous things in the name of modeling and acting. I loved The Master’s Sun, where some of those fashion crimes were committed, but at least that was a bit tongue in cheek. Beyond that, I wondered if acting was actually what he wanted to do. (Not that I don’t think he’s good, although I do think he’s better at action/revenge type films than romance.) I don’t usually spend time trying to figure out the inner thoughts of actors, especially ones I don’t really follow, but something about So Ji Sub seemed kinda, I don’t know, restless. This song underlines the feeling I got from the interview.

Anyway, the video sells the story. The song is good, but I think So Ji Sub needs to really focus on what makes his voice good. I think it’s best when he’s rapping fast and the higher timbre of his voice is audible.

This blog has an English translation of the lyrics.

4 thoughts on “So Ji Sub 18 years

  1. There is a since of loneliness about him. I never know him prior to PYH’s funeral, in fact I never knew PYH. There is a certain mystery, closeness, about the three friends that you no longer see in America. No one really cares about anyone else in this country. I have heard of young adults dropping dead in the malls and people walking over them. People hit by cars and no one checks or even calls an ambulance. People hit by cars and heads jammed into and stuck in windshields, people driving home, and parking their cars in their garages, waiting for them to die, to dump their bodies. It goes on and on. I found that entire funeral extremely touching and refreshing to know that there are good, decent people somewhere in this world. The world needs good karma,, if people are to exist. Thanks for the piece.


    • I really agree with what you said about a sense of loneliness, and about mystery and closeness. I really feel sad that no one reaches out to other people much anymore. I don’t know if in every case it’s not caring- but there is an idea that it’s important not to get involved, or that someone else will handle it. I really think it’s very sad, because I get the feeling many people want to reach out to others and help others but are afraid to. Even saying “hello” on the street seems to make people nervous or like they will be seen as crazy or nosy.


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