Se Ho! Roommate Episode 7 quick commentary

I’m watching Roommate episode 7. I’m only 20 minutes in, and I just had to pause so I could cry tears of confused laughter as Se Ho groped the members of Exo. What in the World. This guy is hilarious. Also, Mama Shin is pretty cute. I kind-of noticed this before, but now I think I’m nursing a tiny crush.

Other notes-

Nana’s presents to the cast are cute and funny. I especially liked Mama Shin’s presents, but I hope someone finds out it’s his birthday and gives him a present just for him, or at least a “Happy Birthday.”

I don’t know why Min Woo had to explain why he’s visiting his parents- don’t most people visit their parents occasionally?

Kang Joon and Min Woo and their continued communication problems are amusing.

Favorite Soo Hyun moment: Her waking Se Ho up by saying “Come eat Ramen” and telling him in a completely deadpan voice that it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Very effective way to wake someone up. She’s really grown on me, especially since she went from doing full makeup to have breakfast to walking around with her hair un-brushed in the morning (which is the right way to do it, of course.)

Chanyeol is adorable as usual. Loved his jittery old-man walk when he was surprised by the roommates. I’m not quite into his outfit, though; he looks kind of like the twelve-year-old boys at church whose parents make them wear suits. It probably looks more appropriate when he’s got his EXO-performance vibe going on the stage.

Haven’t seen much of Ga Yeon or So Ra yet.

Bom’s airport fashion just looked like a shirt, shorts, a jacket and boots to me, but she did look cute.

Random thought- I think the reason the cast gets a long so well is that they don’t stay with each other all the time, but only once in a while for filming. So it probably feels like getting to have a sleepover with schoolmates.


EDIT: OK, I watched the whole thing. Dong Wook needs to be in the show more. Chanyeol is successful at only appearing from time to time, but I think he’s the only one who can do it and still stay relevant to the viewers at home. Not that Dong Wook isn’t relevant, I’d plan to marry him if I was more delusional about my attractiveness to Korean celebrities; it’s just that he’s being pushed and pushed as maybe having something with Bom, and it’s not very realistic because they NEVER see each other. It seems like Dong Wook is amused because he thinks Bom likes him, but show, if you want me to believe it’s more than that, show them together!

I like Nana. She doesn’t come off very well until about 6th impression, but she’s not the horrible person I was afraid she was. She’s just a little impulsive. Se Ho is nursing a big crush, which, I mean, well, whatever. I don’t really have an opinion. If they get together in the end, I won’t believe it’s real, because quite a few of their interactions fall into the “this is probably staged” category.

I think so Ra doesn’t talk to Mama Shin because she has difficulty talking to people first. Remember when she first moved in? And then after that, she fit in with everybody by being kind of a big sister figure, but Sung Woo is a bit older.

I think  Ga Yeon and Min Woo are just really good friends, and nothing else is going to come of it. When Dong Wook accused them of coming back from a date, Min Woo just responded dryly “Yep, you caught us” without any sense of embarrassment, and didn’t rush to explain that they were just buying a cake. If they were really dating, or interested in doing so, there would be some embarrassment, right?

Kang Joon is super young!!! I know they mentioned that early on, but it just sunk into my head.

What else…this episode was funny, but totally devoid of content, to tell you the truth. My favorite part came early, and I watched the rest a bit absentmindedly. I’m not surprised the ratings were low.


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