Roommate Ships

I enjoy roommate, and although there is obviously scripting being done, I think the actors are expressing their real personalities for the most part.

(Oh, lemme just insert a complaint here. I found out the other day that Se Ho is a year younger than me. I know you’re the funny man, and you might have some insecurities about being around actors and singers known for their looks, but please stop wearing things that make you look 8000 years old. Like that ridiculous pajama set.)

A big part of Roommate is the whole “will anyone become a real couple and get the overseas trip” question. I’m thinking no, unless it’s pre-planned. And the only ship I’m really invested in probably can’t happen in real life, because it involves Chanyeol.

I was sort-of behind a Min Woo-GaYeon pairing, but because they have such a great sibling-like relationship I’m a little uncertain about that now. I would like to see them become good friends, though. Chanyeol and GaYeon, on the other hand, seem to be unable to look at each other, and that adds a layer of cute to two already adorable people. Even when Chanyeol is talking to GaYeon, he talks past her or to other people about her. Plus Ga Yeon is pretty blunt, even if she is very polite, and Chanyeol is very loving and careful about what he says, so I think they contrast well with each other. I like relationships were one person fills in the things the other person is missing. (I’ve decided to treat this show like a  drama, and worry more about what would entertain me than about what’s real and what’s not.)

SeHo/Na Na, on the other hand, is really confusing me. I’m not sure, but I think the show is trying to push the idea that there’s something there. I get actually uncomfortable with their interactions sometimes, because it seems to me like the whole pretty-girl-who-doesn’t-realize-her-guy-best-friend-isn’t-joking-about-liking-her-scenario (whew, let me take a breath) and that way usually lies heartbreak. I’m not even sure if it’s real, but I’ve been in similar situations before, on both sides to tell you the truth, so I’m not very comfortable with it.

Bom/Dongwook might be easier for me to be on board with if they actually talked to each other once in a while.

Kang Joon-whoever Also would be great if he was more present. I think maybe he likes Na Na, but I also think he might be indifferent about the whole thing. Soo Hyun, even though she’s obviously a fan of the pretty, doesn’t seem like someone who would actually date a 20 year old at 32.

Min Woo/Soo Hyun was a pairing I liked in the beginning, but I don’t really know about it now. I like Soo Hyun a lot better than I did at the beginning, but she seems like someone that is very big-sister to those younger to her. It might be better for her to date someone older than her. I don’t know who, though. Mama Shin? I don’t think that would happen, but it might be sorta cute, maybe?

Mama Shin/ So Ra- There was the whole stare at each other thing in the last episode, and they looked uncomfortable, but I don’t think it was romantic. I got the feeling these two avoided each other simply because they’re both used to being in charge, and both have strong personalities.

Are you shipping anyone? Or are you still waiting for a pairing to jump out at you? Or do you maybe find the whole concept a little silly?


10 thoughts on “Roommate Ships

  1. I’m not a shipper, but I disagree with you on your first point about Se Ho, I found the jokes about the PJ’s in the first couple of episodes hilarious. It really endeared me to him as a comedian having not been very keen on him at first. I don’t see the PJ as an insecurity thing, just a joke.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of British and Korean humour seems to be of a similar style, I wonder if that’s the difference maybe.

    I agree with you on Bom and Dong Wook actually. I like both of them but the shipping bewilders me a bit, they don’t seem to have an awful lot in common…..maybe I’m missing something.

    Loving this post! Did you see that Chanyeol thanked all the international fans watching Roommate? I thought that was quite a sweet PR move on his part!

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    • Thanks for your comments! I totally agree with you about almost everything.

      I agree that British humor and Korean Humor seems similar, but I am a child of nerds and in the US that means you grow up watching a whole lot of British TV, XD.

      I’ll be honest, I thought SeHo’s PJs were funny at first. I just think they’ve served their purpose. And they can’t be comfortable. I think they’re polyester, and it’s super hot! Self-deprecating humor is funny, but the fact that overweight comedians or comedians who aren’t the ideal standard of beauty seem required to do a lot of it kind of rubs me the wrong way. Also, if SeHo is gonna keep hitting on NaNa (jokingly or not) I wish he’d make an effort not to look like her dad!

      Let’s hope Bom and Dong Wook maybe actually talk to each other for more than 3 seconds next episode.

      Chanyeol makes me want to sew a teddy bear and dress it like him.

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  2. Aww looks like we will have to agree to disagree on this one, I still find Se ho’s shtick is hitting the mark for me. That’s the way it goes for comedians I guess.

    I’m only a couple of years older than Chanyeol, but something about him makes me want to mother him. I don’t see the attraction to him from a fangirl point of view, I just see someone who needs someone to cook him a good dinner 😀


    • Yeah, and I gotta say, if it’s working for some people I’d be kinda silly to want him to change just cause I’m not into it. Chanyeol, to me, for sure, is adorable like a puppy. I don’t know what I would think if I was around his age, but yeah, now I just want to mother him or see him settled down with a good girl. There are certain celebrities- like Lee Seung Gi- that I feel like are really talented and smart, but kinda seem like fish out of water in every situation. Chanyeol reminds me of that. He thinks everything is super interesting.


    • I think they might be cute, too. Maybe they just need to chat and then sparks will fy. Oh, another thing I forgot to mention, is I don’t know if Lee So Ra would ever publicly date another celebrity again. Seems like everybody pretty much knows about her business with Shin Dong Yup.


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