A (Loving) Look at the Clichés in “Witch’s Romance”

Spoilers ahead: The writers of Witch’s Romance didn’t avoid cliches. Instead, they used said cliches to create unexpected outcomes. Look at Ji Yeon’s colleagues, for instance. They are the stereotypical one-dimensional evil bullies in the first episode, but very quickly, as the drama goes on, that changes. Or Dong-Ha. He is the stereotypical “puppy” of the Noona romance genre, except that he is independent and self-assured in most things. There is no long separation needed at the end of the show to “grow him up” because he is already as mature as Ji Yeon (which, true, sometimes is not very, but they match.) And as this article mentions, there was the setup for an angsty separation and then a reuinion later, but the show avoided that; Ji-Yeon went abroad for a year and, as MANY people do, they dated long distance. Even the forced living situation didn’t involve the typical accidentally seeing each other naked scenes. The whole living situation is actually one of the calmest parts of the whole drama. Anyway, read this post, because it has a lot of interesting points.

Crayon Dreams

I loved watching Witch’s Romance every week and seeing my favorite couple interact. As much as I liked it, though, I was not blind to its many, many drama clichés. Actually, what’s truly amazing about this drama is that it is incredibly well-done despite all of its clichés. As many have said, it’s all in the execution. It also manages to avert just as many drama clichés as it uses. But I’ll get to that later. First, let’s take a look at some of the prominent clichés included in Witch’s Romance. *Spoilers Ahead!*

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