Overwhelmed by Korean TV

I have no idea what the coming Korean dramas are. There, I said it. I know Seo In Guk is in something, and that goes on my watch list right away because Seo In Guk. But what else? Can ya’ll take pity on me and tell me what to watch?

6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Korean TV

    • Thanks! I have peeked at this in the past, but I get a little lost because it doesn’t really explain the tone of the dramas. I’ve realized that with k-dramas, stories about death, destruction, and evil politicians can be zippy rom-coms, and dramas about high-school, bunnies and vollyball can be heartbreaking melodramas.
      Do we have different tastes? I have been steering away from serious dramas just to keep myself from getting sad, but I enjoy reading/hearing about them.


      • Ah, I usually find between the genre and description it’s not bad.I do see what you mean though, while I love you’re all surrounded I was definitely surprised by it’s darkness! I’m very much into ‘serious’ dramas. I also have a guilty pleasure of melodramas.


      • Yeah! I expected it to be more farcical, but it is good regardless. Serious stuff can be awesome, as are melodramas. I try to watch them after they air though, not during, because I want to make sure the depressing stuff serves the plot.


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