We Got Married Global Edition Ep. 8- Thoughts

I am going to do a recap of the Key/Arisa segments later, but I’ll just say right now that Episode 8 was great. It had a good pace, it gave us some moments that seemed very genuine and laid-back, and nothing seemed overly engineered.

Puff and Heechul’s relationship especially needed some time for the two to just hang out, and that’s what this episode gave them. There segments were cute and understated (something that I rarely say about that couple) and they really seemed suited for each other. From the beginning the two seemed similar, but Puff was more mature. The idea that Heechul’s bad habits are rubbing off on Puff, instead of her good habits on him, is for some reason utterly adorable.

I personally loved the guest in the Key/Arisa segments. (Trying not to put spoilers here.) She has a very strong personality, but I can’t help observing that Key gets along best with women who are straight-forward and up front; also, she brought out a more talkative, sweet, goofy side of Arisa which I think Key enjoyed. And the noona (ahjumma?) fangirling over Kim Hyun Joong- love, love, loved it, especially Key’s reaction to it. And hey, I’m 32 and engaged, so I relate. When I’m watching certain shows, my fiance just leaves the room.

Anyway, I was getting a little unsure about this season, but this episode has me back on the fanboat.

P.S. Whenever I google Key I see him with brown hair and think he should go back to that. Does anyone agree/disagree? Also, I think Heechul is remarkably young looking but is still getting too old for the typical idol look. (Please don’t kill me.)


2 thoughts on “We Got Married Global Edition Ep. 8- Thoughts

  1. Ahhh I haven’t had time to watch this week’s episode yet! (I’m so behind on recapping it’s not funny 😥 )

    I’m glad to hear that things are looking up though! I don’t actually mind Key with blond hair, because I’ve only ever known him with blond hair. Heechul is getting older, so I wonder how his transition out of the idol world is going to be. He is doing quite a few gigs as an MC/radio host, so I’m guessing likely something along those lines?


    • I haven’t even started recapping so you are at least ahead of me! I’m going to start from 8 and work backwards, I think.

      I think you will like this episode. It was cute. Oh, and I noticed Puff is learning Korean really quickly. She must be super smart.

      I really like Heechul on variety shows, he’s always so unpredictable. I think MCing/hosting would be good. I haven’t seen him act very much, so I don’t know if he’ll do anything like that. I wonder if he’ll act different when he’s not an idol any more?


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