K-drama thoughts this week

Hi everyone! This is Curlynoona here. Nerdnoona has gone from being drowned in finals to visiting an internet-free zone for a week. She’ll be able to put up some great TV/Beauty articles soon. I have a few random thoughts clanking around in my head, so I thought I’d write a quick note.

  • Today was a big day for me: the end of an obsession , Secret Love Affair. I’m not lying, this drama had me so attached to the characters that I was terrified to watch 14-16. No spoilers here, but I will encourage you to watch it.
  • A Witch’s Romance, my other favorite recently, is making me a bit nervous. It’s actually still engaging and great, but the plot has entered the angsty bit that lowered the quality of the original Taiwanese production My Queen. I’m hopeful A Witch’s Romance can stay romantic, cute and quirky, and not spend the remaining 9-10 episodes rehashing one issue.
  • I haven’t seen Hotel King but Roommate has aroused my interest in Lee Dong-wook, so I might check it out. Either that or I’ll go back and watch My Girl, which for some reason I had trouble getting into.
  • While watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal for the 80th time, I realized that 2nd leads who sleep in random places is actually a k-drama trope. This, Boys over Flowers, Flower boy Ramen Shop. That’s odd, right?
  • A reader asked for info on gay and lesbian characters in Korean dramas, and I’m having a hard time finding any that aren’t super depressing.
  • On the non-Korean front, I’m enjoying Fall in Love with Me. It did have a forced kiss this week, though, that didn’t exactly make me smile

Well, that’s about it for now. 🙂

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