Seo In Guk Would be Cool to Hang Out With

It’s hard to know what celebrities are really like. We don’t actually know them, after all. A celebrity you think is a quiet, humble, family-oriented person could in reality be a huge jerk, or a serial killer. (That hasn’t happened with any stars I can think of, as far as I know. Just saying it’s possible.)

Korean stars seem to be under a much bigger microscope than American celebs (how is the even possible) and so guard their images much more carefully. Still, occasionally I get the feeling that an actor or singer is genuinely a pretty cool dude. Here’s why I think Seo In Guk would be fun to be friends with.

Seo In Guk

I first saw Seo In Guk in Reply 1997, and I have to be honest, my first reaction was “this guy is freaky looking.” After watching for a bit and falling in love with the show, I decided he was a decent actor. I watched Master’s Sun, and really liked his character, and realized he was actually pretty good looking in a nonconventional way. I heard a few of his songs, and was surprised at how good they were. I was completely shocked to learn he was primarily a singer because his acting is so good. So yeah, I thought he was cool, but wasn’t really that interested.

Seeing him on a few variety shows, however, has turned me into a die-hard fan. He just seems like a very real person.

Reason #1.

He used to be chubby.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I love when anyone who used to be considered unattractive is suddenly a sex symbol. I wish it would happen without them having to change themselves completely, but still.

I actually read somewhere that Seo In Guk became bulimic to try to lose weight to pass singing auditions, but was rejected because he’d damaged his voice. L Thank goodness the damage wasn’t permanent, and I hope even with all the slimming down and bulking up actors have to do that he eats appropriately and healthily.

Reason #2.

He found out some very personal family information from his mom on a TV show

and it was hilarious.

Reason #3.

He responded to his “scandal” with Yoona by

admitting it felt good, because only top stars have scandals.

I totally understand the inclination to pair celebs together, but this was kinda lame. “One person talks to another person at a sports event! OMG THEY MUST BE DATING! Look at that picture! He’s almost within a foot of her!” Even if , instead of real life, we put this in the context of a K-drama where people don’t purse their lips when they kiss, this still looks super tame.


Reason #4.

He’s kind of an adorable slob.


Note: (In some countries it’s pretty common to use kitchen sheers to cut meat, but I’m pretty sure he’s just using regular household scissors there.)

Adorable, right??? And I didn’t even get into the whole Satori-when-talking-to-his-mother thing.




6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Would be Cool to Hang Out With

  1. Mmmmmm Seo In Guk… Definitely not ugly! Loved him in Reply 1997. Wouldn’t mind hanging out with him at all, just not at his place. What a mess!


    • For some reason I think a lot of Korean actors are weird looking at first, and then I think they’re the best looking guys on the planet. (I actually though Gong Yoo was unattractive at one point!) Yeah, that house is kinda…I would enjoy making fun of him about it though.


      • I thought Kim Woo Bin looked unconventional at first, and now i laugh at my former self coz he’s the hottest thing on the planet! It’s hard to remember a time when i didn’t think Gong Yoo was utterly adorable, but that probably lasted all of two episodes of Coffee Prince.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Coffee Prince is what did me in, too. Now I watch anything Gong Yoo is in, even if I know it’s horrible. Kim Woo Bin, yeah, I thought he looked like a hot alien when I saw him…and that hasn’t really changed. He’s incredibly hot and odd looking at the same time.


  2. YOUR POST SUMS UP EVERY SEO IN GUK DIE HARD FAN FEELs. literally in my case. from the freaky looking, to the unconventional good looks, to oh hes is damn good singer, suprise coz hes a damn good actor. its like u read my mind while writing this. n for that i thank u!!!! (oh n whats makes me like him more, when i watch hskos, n then masters sun n then reply 1997… i was like.. whoa… how can i watch all three, but like seeing different people… different age… diferent characteristics…. in awe)

    Liked by 2 people

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