Lore: My noona confession

Just in case you haven’t discovered this amazing blog, this pretty much sums up my thoughts as a 32 year old discovering Korean dramas and music.

Lore In Stone Cities

This post has been a long time coming.  Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a noona who loved Korean dramas. She liked K-pop too – a side effect of her overabundance of drama watching. Oh, and then there were Korean variety shows – she absolutely adored variety shows to the point that she liked to watch at least one before she went to sleep at night. Go out on a high note, she thought.

Then, one day, she embarked upon another new show. Another because she has always tried to give premiering shows a chance, whether they are dramas or variety shows. This show was of the variety thread; focused on an idol group. She had watched a half dozen such shows before so she had some kind of precedence as far as her interests. And then…things happened.

Exo Showtime

Two months later you will find…

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6 thoughts on “Lore: My noona confession

    • No problem! I have found a bunch of stuff I like on your blog. This one especially– reminds me of when I started thinking Shinee was great! Or when I found out how old Lee Min Ho and Yoo Ah IN are. And don’t even get me started on Witch’s Romance! I’m fighting against the term Pedonoona…


  1. Hello!

    Sorry to bother you, but Rose and I are reaching out for a very important reason – we are in the planning stages of an Exo tumblr site and we think you are a perfect fit for this up and coming blog!

    As Korean entertainment bloggers we have been balancing our varied interests on our blogs- but have been harboring a need to go all crazy when it comes to Exo. Which leads us to our proposal, which we hope you will be on board with!

    The question: Will you join us as admins on our brand new, shiny, fantastic Exo Noona tumblr blog?

    The facts: We are noona fans. We are veteran Korean drama and variety show watchers. We love Kpop. We are both seasoned bloggers. And we love Exo. We take our blogging commitments seriously, or in other words we spend too much time on the internet (with a whole lot of time dedicated to social media sites).

    If you want to admin with us: You will have access on the tumblr blogging platform to post pictures, text, GIFs, and videos (in select formats) on the site. All site decisions and modifications (theme changes, admin changes) will include and involve your opinion. And you get to help pick the name of the site! Basically you will be a co-owner of the soon to be bestest Exo noona fan sit in the world! No pressure or anything.

    Let us know if you are interested by responding to this email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Lore & Rosie

    Lorinstonecities.com * Shinealightrose.com


      • Yes, that is okay! Our main goal is to have a blog where we can post or reblog the wonderful Exo pics/ GIFS/ vids etc that we see cross our tumblr dashboards on a daily basis, but would kill our main blogs if we started posting all of them! So you don’t have to be up on the latest in music, just share your love of Exo at your own pace! If you are still interested let me know (we would be super excited to have you on board)!


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