Lee Min Ho is hard to draw

Recently I’ve been  drawing portraits of some of my favorite actors.

I first saw Lee Ki Woo in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, where I picked up a huge case of second lead syndrome. Besides being incredibly handsome, his character Choi Kang-hyuk (AKA Pillar) was super nice, smart, and also rather weird (sleeping at random times and in random places, being petty one moment and amazingly kind the next.) 

To draw Lee Ki Woo  I picked a pretty straightforward reference photo, the first on the left. I considered drawing the photo of him biting his shirt because I found it more artistically interesting, but I realized it would be better to show his whole face.


I go for a slightly cartoony style, with a hint of realism. I used graphite and charcoal on watercolor paper. The drawing is 11inx15in.

by curlynoona

Now for Lee Min Ho.

(Do I really have to list things he’s been in? Is it really possible you don’t know? Okay, for those living under a rock, immediately watch: Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, and Heirs. I’ll have some more for you later.)

To draw him, I decided to choose a more challenging reference.


The biggest challenge for me here was getting the angle of the head to look realistic, and to draw Lee Min Ho’s nose. I love his nose, I think it is a large part of what makes him handsome, but it is proportionately rather large.

502This is also on the same size water color paper, but it looks more washed out because I didn’t use charcoal for the darks.

In the end, neither of these drawings came out perfect, but I enjoyed drawing them. Anybody else out there madly sketching Gong Yoo?

Who or what do you think I should draw next? I’m thinking a scene would be nice, or at least a full body drawing. Maybe Yoo In Ah? Yoon Eun-Hye?


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